Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Year Well Child Check Up

Today was Amaya's turn for a check up with the doctor and she was very excited for bandaids and stickers! She weighed in at 48 pounds - ranking in the 88th percentile and was 44 inches tall - the 72nd percentile! Amaya has just a little bit of a tummy on her, so Dr. Horn encouraged her to eat more vegetables and a little less candy. Amaya has been very healthy, so it had been awhile since she had seen Dr. Horn. She was very pleased with how Amaya has grown and developed into "such a precocious young lady." Amaya was on the receiving end of 4 vaccinations and I was shocked that she didn't cry! Not one little tear - just a lot of "owie, owie, is she done yet?" The nurse was incredibly fast (she was the same one that did Weston's shots on Tuesday) and put on Tweety Bird bandaids which Amaya loved! Dr. Horn also gave her a book and the nurse told her to pick out four stickers - one for each shot. Amaya was thrilled and left the room skipping - yes, skipping down the hall. Such a brave girl! As long as you explain exactly what's going to happen, what it will feel like, etc. she can handle just about anything and today was no exception. She's feeling good this afternoon, although she said her legs were a little sore. I gave her some tylenol and we're snuggling this afternoon while Weston naps. Next week, I have an appointment with her and then we're done with appointments until the the end of April. Whew!