Saturday, November 26, 2011

Festival of Trees

Once Thanksgiving is over... I'm ready to start thinking about Christmas. And there's no better way to get into the spirit than to attend the Festival of Trees. All the proceeds go to Hiawatha Homes, so it's always an enjoyable time, plus we get to help out a great charity. We enjoyed Christmas cookies, hot apple cider, listened to Christmas music, and saw the most amazing trees!

Caught a quick picture of Amaya just as she finished her thumbprint cookie.

Right away, Amaya spotted a lady dressed up as Mrs. Claus and she wanted to listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man.

Then, Amaya wanted to listen to the choir singing Christmas songs. She could have sat there all day, but we had to rush a little bit because we had church that evening.

We looked at all the trees... here are a few of our favorites...


Amaya liked this one so much she wanted a picture by it.

Amaya really liked this "teeny tiny" tree!

Right before we getting ready to go, Amaya saw Santa. Now I know I have issues with Santa... I still do and probably always will... but I asked Amaya if she wanted to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what she wants for Christmas. We were surprised she wanted to... but she was a little hesitant and reluctant. She smiled long enough to get a quick picture, but wanted off his lap before telling him what she wanted for Christmas. We're glad that she understands that Santa isn't real - that it's just a man dressed up like Santa and that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow Coming?

When Steve checked the weather forecast this morning and said that there is a chance of snow this week, I almost didn't believe him. Really? Snow already? Although, there's another part of me - the part that's refusing to pull out our winter coats - that is somewhat surprised we haven't had any snow yet considering how cold it's been. Anyway, I decided I'd better get our fall pictures blogged before the snow comes!

Every year, I'm always surprised at how many leaves we have! I shouldn't be though - we have two big trees and usually get all of our neighbors leaves! This year Amaya had her own rake to help Steve with the leaves.

Steve already accruing a rather large pile.

It's hard for a little girl to wait until all the leaves are raked up before jumping in. So, she scootered around our cul-de-sac while waiting. (Our wonderful neighbors across the street have a little girl a few years older and gave Amaya her old scooter and helmet! It was very sweet and very generous of her!)


Away she goes!

Where did she go?!?

Amaya is hoping that in a few short weeks, she'll have enough snow to run and jump in!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


or Halloween this year, Amaya wanted to be a cheerleader. We had a couple of different options - either a Vikings cheerleader or a "pink cheerleader." Amaya chose to be the pink cheerleader. We were glad that the weather cooperated and it wasn't too chilly.

Isn't she the cutest cheerleader?!?

Our first stop was to visit her Great Grandma and Grandpa Struckmann. Great Grandma was very excited to see Amaya - their first trick-or-treater for the night!

One of my co-workers invited us to stop by their house - but it was clear across town - which isn't too far - just far enough that Amaya fell asleep....

After the Flynn's house, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Horning.

Next stop - Grandma and Grandpa Gustafson's house!

My parent's neighborhood had quite a few outdoor lights on, so Steve and I took Amaya up and down their block. She wasn't too shy and remembered to say "trick-or-treat," but needed a little help remembering to say "thank you."

Amaya enjoyed trick-or-treating so much, that my dad and I took her out again and went up and down the next block! She was skipping and humming away, having the time of her life! Since it was nearing 8:00pm and there weren't very many kids out, many houses gave Amaya quite a bit of candy to get rid of their stash! She scored big time!

Back at Grandma and Grandpa Gustafson's house, Mike and the kids stopped by in their costumes...


and Mike....

... all the kids... plus Mike...

Growing up, Mom and Dad always took a picture of us by the front door in our costumes... Here's the traditional picture of Amaya....