Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day

It felt more like Valentine's WEEK more than Valentine's DAY, which was ok with me because I love Valentine's Day.

 Amaya celebrated Valentine's Day in preschool on Wednesday. They made bags in class and then passed out valentines to everyone in the class. Amaya chose to pass out NERDs valentines. Wonder where she got that idea? (Her daddy LOVES Nerds!)

Amaya and all her loot!

On Valentine's Day, I woke Amaya up and served her a special Valentine's Day breakfast.

 Pink heart shaped toast, pink milk, and strawberries

On Pinterest, I saw this super cute idea of putting on bright lipstick and kissing your baby and posting a sign next to him saying, "Kisses 25 cents." Normally, I have great success with my Pinterest projects, but this was a epic fail... it just looks like Weston has a bad rash. Oh, well... we made memories!


Amaya and I had grand plans of doing a Valentine's Day craft, making cupcakes, and making a special Valentine's Day lunch, but we ran out of time. I had to run in to work to drop off a baby gift for a coworker, and we ended up staying for 2 hours. So, we ended up going through drive through at Burger King and spent the rest of the afternoon playing.  

That evening when Steve got home, we opened up cards and presents.


Amaya got some Hello Kitty bracelets and Hello Kitty jelly beans.


Weston got a Valentine's Day Book - he's thrilled about it, can't you tell?!?


Steve and I exchanged cards too and were planning a date night once we knew Weston would take a bottle. (We ended up celebrating last Friday night! We went to AppleBee's and then to a movie. It was wonderful to reconnect and spend some time together without the kiddos. And Weston did wonderful at Grandma's house!)

On Friday the 15th, Weston took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, so Amaya and I made cupcakes and brownies. I also made some Baked Potato Soup and rolls to bring to our friend Nancy. 

It had been awhile since Amaya and I had baked together, so we had a blast as she frosted and put sprinkles on the cupcakes!

We saved a few cupcakes and brownies to keep at home, but brought most over to Nancy's house later that afternoon.



One of my favorite things about Amaya is her generous spirit. As we brought the meal and treats over to Nancy's house, she said, "We need to help more people like they helped us out. Jesus would like that." I agree Amaya... you catch on fast, sweet girl. Jesus does like that.