Saturday, March 15, 2014


Clorox Wipes - Check. Lysol - Check. Bleach - Check.  We're disinfecting the house this weekend!

Someone in our family has been sick every day this week and it's been a VERY long week.

Weston started it off on Sunday morning with a fever.... Now he's got a residual cough and a whole lot of snot. Yuck!

Monday afternoon, I had a fever, was lightheaded and weak, and had a very tender breast... I even had Amaya call in reinforcements (thank you Mom for watching the kiddos)... I missed work on Tuesday. I still had a fever Wednesday morning, so I went in to get evaluated and as I suspected I had mastitis. I've been weaning Weston slowly for the last 2 months and thought we were at a point where I could stop nursing him before bedtime. I was put on antibiotics and was encouraged to continue to nurse Weston until the infection cleared. Ouch!! I'm feeling much better now after a lot of rest and a lot of prayers and was able to go back to work on Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday, Amaya started with a little scratchy throat and cough. It has now progressed to a "barky" cough and cold, but fortunately no fever. She's still her normal chipper self despite the cough, but hasn't been sleeping very well. Today she plans to pick up cough medicine and cough drops that "taste like candy - like the ones Grandma has!"

So far, (cross your fingers, knock on wood, say a prayer) Steve has been healthy. He thought that maybe he was getting a fever last evening, but when he checked his temperature it was normal. He's had a sore throat in the middle of the night, but by the time he wakes up for the day, it's not sore. Hmmm... Hopefully, he'll avoid this all....

We've infected my parents and I feel horrible about that... They have been so wonderful this week taking care of the kiddos, giving Weston extra snuggles, chiseling the ice off our driveway, taking Amaya to Hobby Lobby and buying her "stick-on" earrings... You guys are the best! We are so grateful for you!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Look How We've Grown!

A lot happens when you haven't blogged in a year... There are no guarantees of getting caught up... but I'd like to think that I can at least try to stay current. Here are just a few highlights of our last year...