Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grandpa Gustafson's Birthday

January is a crazy busy month, so even though I wanted Weston to be born full term, there was a little part of me that was glad that Weston was born in December and not on his original due date of January 23rd. Arwen's birthday is the 5th, my aunt Rose, Uncle Jerry, and cousin Jay have birthdays on the 18th, Debbie's birthday is the 19th, Amaya's birthday is the 20th, Lowell and Ruth Ann's anniversary is the 21st, my dad and cousin Brenda's birthday are the 25th. Wow! We have a lot to celebrate!

It gets a little challenging trying to coordinate everyone's schedule, so we ended up celebrating my dad's birthday on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here he is getting a little help opening presents.

My dad likes popcorn... so we got him 7 gallons of a mixture of butter, cheddar, and caramel popcorn! We were glad he shared some of it too!


66! or 99? 

Dad with the grandkids (missed you Joshua, Jordan, Hannah, and Hope!)

Mom makes the most delicious peanut butter balls and we end inhaling them - sometimes within minutes! The kids were being silly and decided to pose with their peanut butter balls. Love Ben's expression here!

Some random pictures of the evening...




Weston is all partied out!


Happy Birthday Dad! We love you so much and hope for many, many more years to celebrate YOU!