Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great Grandma's Birthday

On February 11th, we celebrated Great Grandma's 94th Birthday!!! We hadn't seen Great Grandma in awhile - it was definitely before I got put on bed rest - maybe Halloween when we dropped by her house?

First things first though, Great Grandma wanted to hold Weston. So sweet...


Steve's aunt Janet was visiting from Arkansas, so while Gerry was grilling steaks for dinner, we visited for a bit. (And the steaks were delicious!!! As was the rest of the meal - Janet experimented with a couple of Great Grandma's old recipes and they were scrumptious too!)

Great Grandma's Cake 

Lighting of the candles - it was a team effort!

Happy 94th Birthday!

Make a wish!

 Opening presents. We gave Great Grandma a puzzle (she got several of these!)

It was different celebrating without Great Grandpa... I got a little weepy when Great Grandma talked about him... The ache of missing him has gotten better as time has gone by... but we still miss him a lot. It makes me appreciate family that much more and I'm thankful we were able to celebrate with Great Grandma!